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"Keith and Carlos are masterful when it comes to live recording.  They’re true professionals and a pleasure to work with.  I’m so pleased with our final product!"

Windy Karigianis               

Jazz Vocalist


"For over 15 years I have collaborated with Keith Jones on a multitude of musical projects including 7 full length CDs, music for film and television, and live gig recording. 

  He is my recoding and mixing engineer of choice in Los Angeles.  With his wealth of musical understanding, recording expertise and unique mixing clarity, Keith has always successfully delivered a product that outshines the rest."

Shannon Michael Terry        

Artist & Producer

"Keith Jones is an excellent engineer.  Not only does he know his way around a studio and great equipment, he has a tremendous ear for music. With his bass playing skills he seems to hear the full depth of the music.  His engineering skills paint a picture -- it's amazing!  I highly recommend him."


​Leon Mobley                


Brian Mendelsohn mixing on AIR

Brian with a mobile 24 chnl rig behind him.